The Secrets of Dental Marketing

Course Summary:

90% of practices are general dental practices with a wide range of clinical services. While most of the speakers will cover the actual clinical excellence in a variety of services, we will delve into how a Super General Dental Practice attracts and keeps patients that want and will buy these services. Most dentists think of marketing as a “campaign” of direct response outreach or “branding” for a particular segment of the dental market. We will cover the things each and every practice often overlooks every day, that would double their new patients and ensure a 20% growth every year of your career.

Learning Objectives:

1. How to embrace consumerism by understanding what your patients want.

2. The myths and mistakes that even great practices tend to trip over.

3. Tricks, tools, and treatment that set you above any other dentist.

4. The mindset of embracing change in an ever-morphing dental economy.

5. Becoming a Tarzan in a managed care jungle. 6. Identifying and keeping the “ideal” patient.

7. How to maintain a 70% direct referral rate from your patients of record.