About Dental WinWin and the founder

About Dental WinWin

Dental WinWin platform was created to provide dentists and practice owners with useful resources, educational courses, and deals. Our mission is to help you gain more valuable knowledge and save money for your practice. We operate based on the win-win philosophy.


About Dr. Nathan Ho, founder

Hi there! I'm Dr. Nathan Ho. Like many of you, I'm a dentist and a practice owner. I graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2008. Right after graduation, I bought a dental practice and did a start-up a year later with my current business partner. When we started our dental practice ownership journey, we struggled to grow our two practices due to our lack of experience in clinical and business. During that time, we were often in debt and broke. Every patient that came in during that time was the lifeline of our practices. 

Our practice didn't grow until after we figured out the market strategies, took more clinical CEs, and learned from Dr. Michael Abernathy about practice management. We have done well in our dental business, but our success didn't happen overnight. 

I know being a dentist, and a practice owner is not easy. As a practice owner, you have to wear so many hats. I have been there! I hope the resources on this website will be beneficial for you and your practice. 


My very best,

Nathan Ho, DDS