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The Super Business & Clinical Summit


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Practice Owners and Associate Dentists
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Date: September 10-11, 2021
(Friday: 8am -7pm  and Saturday 8am-1:30pm)
Arlington, Texas
11 CE Credits!
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This is The Premier Business and Clinical Event With Extraordinary Speakers



It is rare to have a LIVE business and clinical summit and have so many extraordinary speakers with specialized knowledge teaching at the same event. Would you like to learn how to invest in real estate to create passive income for you and your family? Real estate investment is one of the best investments to make money without trading time for money. This year we have the highly requested real estate investor/dentist, Dr. Roshan Kalra, joining us to share his knowledge on how to invest in residential real estate profitably. We have an oral surgeon, Dr. Ibrahim Zakhary, coming to share his secrets on how to make surgical extractions easy, and how to manage complications effectively. We have an excellent periodontist, Dr. Shelby Nelson, to teach us how to safely place implants and manage complications. We have an extraordinary endodontist, Dr. Sonia Chopra, to share her knowledge on management of endodontic Emergencies. We have an orthodontist, Dr. Cameron Jolley, to discuss how to make even the most complex cases predictable with the help of orthodontic treatment. 
We have an exceptional general dentist, Dr. Thuan Tran, to share his knowledge on dental digital workflow, the new trend in dentistry. We have an infection control expert, Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah, to share his knowledge on infection control and how to prevent lawsuits.  

For our keynote speaker, we have Dr. Michael Abernathy, the super general dentist and dental consultant, coming to share his knowledge and strategies on how to use your clinical work to market and attract more quality patients to your practice. We also have Dr. Nathan Ho, your host, to go over the patient journey, and what you and your team need to do to increase case acceptance and generate more referrals.  

As a BONUS, we also have Dr. David Hornbrook, one the top cosmetic dentists in the world, joining us via Zoom LIVE to teach smile makeover and implant esthetic. This multi-disciplinary Super Clinical Summit will elevate your clinical knowledge and skills so you can become a better and more successful dentist. 

Meet Your Speakers
Dr. Roshan Kalra
(VIP Speaker)
Topic:  How to Invest in Residential Real Estate Profitably
Course Summary:
Real estate is the number 1 way people become millionaires. As high income professionals, we are in an exceptional position to gain wealth and freedom through residential real estate. In this presentation, we will go over how to invest in residential real estate as well create a plan on how to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. 

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn why real estate is the best financial investment
2. Learn how to analyze a deal using real world numbers, no theory!
3. Learn how to make a timeline and game plan for achieving financial freedom
4. Learn how to utilize leverage so you never have to pick up a wrench or answer a 2 am phone call

Dr. Michael Abernathy
(Keynote Speaker)
Topic:  The Secrets of Clinical Marketing in a General Practice
Course Summary:
90% of practices are general dental practices with a wide range of clinical services. While most of the speakers will cover the actual clinical excellence in a variety of services, we will delve into how a Super General Dental Practice attracts and keeps patients that want and will buy these services. Most dentists think of marketing as a “campaign” of direct response outreach or “branding” for a particular segment of the dental market. We will cover the things each and every practice often overlooks every day, that would double their new patients and ensure a 20% growth every year of your career. 

Learning Objectives:
1. How to embrace consumerism by understanding what your patients want.
2. The myths and mistakes that even great practices tend to trip over.
3. Tricks, tools, and treatment that set you above any other dentist.
4. The mindset of embracing change in an ever-morphing dental economy.
5. Becoming a Tarzan in a managed care jungle.
6. Identifying and keeping the “ideal” patient.
7. How to maintain a 70% direct referral rate from your patients of record.

Dr. Nathan Ho
Topic: Patient Journey - Staging for Success
Course Summary:
One of the best ways to grow your dental practice and be more successful is to have more quality patients and a higher case acceptance rate.  In this presentation, we will go deep into the patient journey and what you and your team need to do to increase case acceptance and generate more referrals. 

Learning Objectives:
. Learn how to make your practice stand out from your competition
. Training your team to inspire and impress your patients
. Steps to get your patients to know what they have and want what they need, without any pressure or sales tactics
. Know when and how to effectively ask for referrals  
Dr. Ibrahim Zakhary
(Oral Surgeon)

Topic: Easy as 1, 2 , 3: Surgical Extractions and Complication Management

Course Summary:
The goal of this course is to introduce you to the basic principles of surgical extraction and diagnosis and management of intraoperative and post-operative complications.  Areas of specific interest and instructions include:  
1.  Clinical and radiographic evaluation of extraction difficulty and proximity to vial structures.
2. Basics principles of flap design, instrument selection and application to execute safe and quick surgical extraction.
3. Discuss basic principles of flap design and bone removal for safe and effective extraction of wisdom teeth.
4. Diagnosis and management of the most common extraction complications like bleeding, Ecchymosis, trismus, root/tooth displacement, luxation of adjacent teeth, extraction of the wrong tooth, bone fracture, dry socket, oroantral communication, regional nerve damage.

Learning Objectives:
1. How to assess the difficulty of extraction.
2. Learning the basic principles of surgical extraction.
3. How to assess and execute extraction of impacted wisdom teeth .
4. Diagnosis and management of the most common post extraction. complication .

Dr.  Sonia Chopra
(Endodontist )
Topic: Management of Endodontic Emergencies:
What Every Dentist Needs to Know 

  Learning Objectives:             
1. Learn why even if you "don't do any root canals" in your practice that you are still doing endo every single day in your practice.
2. Learn a system for your endodontic diagnosis that will help you triage properly in every single case.
3. Learn what you have to do per each diagnosis in order to get your patients out of pain and to keep them out of pain so it doesn't disrupt your busy schedule.
4. Learn how to follow up with your patients so you know what to expect and can set your patients expectations so that they feel loved and cared for.

Dr. Shelby Nelson
Topic: Implant Placement and Complication Management

Course Summary:
In this lecture I will discuss scientific literature and reasons for implant failures. How we can change our treatment protocols and materials to help patients keep their dental implants as long as possible. Evidenced based support will be presented with tools you can take back to your office to increase success immediately.

1. Identify/review risk factors
2. Complications/ Implant failure
3. Comparisons of titanium to ceramic materials
4. Treatment planning for success

Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah
(Infection Control Dentist)
Topic: Landmark Legal Cases of Infection Control Failure.

Course Summary:
The history of infection control predates the 20th and 21st century. Since the development of a microscope to molecular probes in identifying microbes and the disease respectfully, there have been changes in knowledge and practice of infection control to the current day.
This course addresses how failures in safety affecting patients and court cases have changed the way we practice, and how the regulations were developed that we confirm with, today. Given the evidence of failures, we will address the state and federal requirements affecting safety dental practice that every person in the clinical team needs to know and follow.

1. Provide evidence-based information and the rationale for understanding
2. Dental Infection Control & Safety
3. Understand the continuing education and training required
4. Bring in a change in knowledge, attitude and practice of dental safety based on landmark cases of failure, understand and follow regulations on dental safety by the dental team

Dr. Cameron Jolley
Topic: Ortho? Who needs Ortho?
Course Summary
Who needs orthodontic treatment? Do you want to take your restorative cases to the next level? Creating beautiful smiles is a passion of mine. We will discuss using orthodontics to improve patient outcomes. Showing patients how orthodontics will improve aspects of their smile is key to patient acceptance of orthodontic treatment. We will focus on using new virtual treatment planning tools to help obtain desired outcomes. Learn how to make even the most complex cases predictable with the help of orthodontic treatment. 

1) Where to start with complex orthodontic problems
2) Steps to creating a orthodontics treatment plan and
3) Using virtual treatment planning to create the vision for the team and patients
4) Managing orthodontics treatment
Dr. Thuan Tran
(General Dentist)
Topic: New Experience in Digital Dentistry

Course Summary: Digital Dentistry saves time and money.

Learning objectives:
1. Learn the difference in work flows between analog and digital dentistry.
2. Learn how digital dentistry workflows can be delegated to team members
3. Learn how new 3D printed resins are changing the industry.
4. Learn how to increase case acceptance through digital smile designs

Dr. David Hornbrook
(Cosmetic Dentist)
Topic: Smile Makeover and Implant Esthetics  
             (Will be presented LIVE via Zoom)

As the director of Education at Utah Valley Dental Lab, the two most common problems I encounter with clinicians are the lack of communication on the fundamentals of smile design with anterior wax-ups and ceramics and managing tissue contours with anterior implants to optimize aesthetics. More often than not, a clinician requests a wax-up or even the final restorations with no transfer of the variables of a smile from the patient to the ceramist. To provide predictable aesthetics, rather than just prepping and praying, requires addressing the variables of a smile. During this fast-paced presentation, I will discuss the importance of communicating smile design variables with our patients such as length, smile line, buccal corridor, surface texture, incisal edge translucency, incisal embrasures and gingival architecture and then how to transfer these variables to the ceramist.
Also discussed will be steps we can take to optimize control of soft tissue and aesthetics with anterior implants. This will include nurturing the tissue contours prior to surgery, after surgery, and with the choice and design of the provisional. Review of materials and abutment design will also be discussed.

Who should attend this event…

1. Dentists that want to learn about real estate investment to create passive income.
2. Dentists that want to gain more business and clinical knowledgeable.
3. Dentists that want to be even more successful and skillful.

                                                              Who should NOT attend this event…

1. Dentists who are about to retire. 
2. Dentists who think they know it all already.
3. Dentists that don't want to learn and grow any more. 

As a Bonus, This Summit Will Be Hosted 
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The SUPER Business and Clinical Summit
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Date: Friday, September 10, 2021
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