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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this event has been postponed to April 30th- May 1st, 2021

Dental WinWin Summit
Attraction. Growth. Sustainability.
Dentists and Team Members!
The Dental Market is Becoming More  and More Competitive Due to The Penetration of All the Dental Chains and Corporations
Would You Like To Gain the Knowledge and Strategies to Grow and Sustain Your Practice?
If your answer is, "YES!" then DON'T MISS THIS EVENT! 
Date: April 30th and May 1st, 2021
(All day on the 30th and half a day on the 1st)
                      Arlington, Texas
12 CE Credits!
Come meet your highly Requested 
This is The Event of The Year With Extraordinary Experts and Leaders In and Outside of The Dental Industry. 


It is rare to have so many SUCCESSFUL dentists and ELITE dental coaches and consultants to come together and teach at the same event. This year we have the highly requested dentist/consultant/speaker/author, Dr. Robert Pick, to come and teach about mindset and ways to differentiate your business from the competition to elevate your success. We also have Sandy Pardue, a well known dental consultant/coach, to teach you how to create sustainable systems so you can boost your practice growth and reduce stress.

In addition, we also have Dr. Edward Zuckerberg  (social media Expert), Dr. Joe Maio (entrepreneurial dentist), Arun Garg (king of implants), Dr. David Phelps (freedom founder), Dr. Richard Stull (ESPN Radio host), Dr. Emily LeTran (high performance coach), Dr. Travis Campbell (practice whisperer), Dr. Gregg May (case acceptance coach), Dr. Nathan Ho (speaker/host), Bill Walsh (Venture capitalist/business Coach), and Douglass Lodmell (asset protection attorney) coming to share their knowledge and strategies with all of us.

This summit is all about ATTRACTION, GROWTH, and SUSTAINABILITY- the key to success and freedom!
After attending this summit, you will never think and operate the same again. You will have the knowledge to develop CLARITY of values and purpose. You will know how to MAXIMIZE productivity and ACCELERATE your success to achieve your FREEDOM and solidify your family's LEGACY.

Don't get left behind! 
Meet Your Speakers
Dr. Nathan Ho
Topic: Getting More New Patients Through Online Reviews and Referrals
Your marketing system and your team are the two assets that have the most direct effect on the growth and success any business. In dentistry, many practice owners are spending thousands of dollars on marketing, and in the end many come to realize that their marketing effort is ineffective and they are wasting their money. There are many ways an owner can market for their practice. Some are more effective than others. In this presentation, you will learn how to effectively market your practice and get more new patients without WASTING your hard-earned dollars on marketing. 

Learning Objectives:
. Learn how to build your online reputation and position your business as “the” practice to go for dental care 
. Know how to empower your team to inspire your patients to become your greatest marketing asset
. Learn the most effective ways to create social proof for your practice, and attract new patients to your practice 24/7
. Know when and how to ask for referrals
. Bonus: You will learn creative strategies that you can market to other businesses’ customers, clients or patients for free.  
Sandy Pardue
(Dental consultant)
Topic: Reduce STRESS and Boost GROWTH with Sustainable Systems

Course Description
This course will teach steps to help you grow your practice. Attendees will learn key systems that top producing practices use to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. Sandy will teach you how to systemize your practice, so you will know things are getting done. You will learn how to diagnosis undetected system failures that if left unexposed, could be costly to the practice. 

Learning Objectives
. Learn ways to uncover missed opportunities
. Discover systems that will give more control and prediction
. Expose blind spots in the practice 
. Learn ways to reduce stress 

Dr. Robert Pick
(Dental Consultant)
Topic: The Purple-Cow-Wow-Now! What They Don't Teach You in Dental School
Course Description
In today’s dental environment and with COVID-19 upon us, we are all currently living and have lived through an unprecedented time in human history. What we do now as we have come back to our offices, will impact our future and how well we do. It must be “Unprecedented Practice Action for Unprecedented Times!” With this you must stand out from the crowd in a super, awesome, and remarkable way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Hence, a Purple Cow rather than all of the usual black and white cows. You must become the Purple-Cow-Wow-Now of what and all that you do! And further, if your business acumen is not on par with your clinical skill, you will not super succeed to the level that you would like,
and to the level that you and your team deserve!
You must always do what is right for the patient with your clinical hat on first, but worn almost at the same time is your CEO hat, and depending on what you are doing, it is often worn first. You are, and must become not the dentist in your dental practice, but the CEO of your dental business!

Learning Objectives  
. Developing your Purple Cows and what are called your “Purple-Cow-Wows!” are all done and accomplished at bi-annual “PBRs!” – for the Pick Business-Team-Building Retreats! It is where you become a Fortune 500 Dental Business, and also become one of the Fortune 100 Best Dental Companies to Work For! This will all be discussed along with the power of video and live social media. You must think in and out of the box like you have never seen or done before. And it can all be done Virtual if need be!
 . In addition to the above Dr. Pick will discuss many awesome actions that the majority of dental businesses do not do, but absolutely should do. And these actions work in an
 amazing way!
. Purple-Cow-Wow-Now! and Purple Cow PBR’s lead to new patients through the door, wonderful growth, a building of your brand, getting goals to work, and a wonderful motivation of you and your team! You will earn more and work less, with less stress.
All of the above principles can be effectively implemented immediately upon your return to your practice.......No! - it is now your Dental Business.

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg
(Facebook expert)

Topic: Social Media Marketing for Dentists 
 Course Description
 In a changing economy, competition among Dentists for patients requires the latest technologies and best mediums for connecting to existing and potential new patients. Social Media is the Dentists’ best tool and with 75% of patients worldwide on Facebook it is imperative to understand this utility. 

Learning Objectives
. Attendees will learn how to effectively use a Facebook page for their business and how to leverage subscribers of their page to attract new customers. 
. Techniques for increasing subscriber base and best methods for engagement of existing subscribers will be presented and Dentists and staff members alike will leave the presentation ready to expand their social media presence into high gear or for those who haven’t yet started, a working knowledge of how to undertake this form of marketing. 
. Specific tasks that attendees will learn include allocation of a budget for an effective Facebook Marketing Campaign and how to target demographics that suit the needs of their particular practice. 

Dr. Arun Garg
(Oral surgeon)
Topic: Incorporating Implant And PRP/PRF into the practice - Practically and Profitably
Course Description
In the last 10 years implant dentistry has evolved from a relatively rare, costly and specialized procedure, into an increasingly commonplace treatment planning solution. More and more, dentists are coming to realize the advantages of offering implant placement in their home office rather than outsourcing the case. Additionally, general practitioners are also learning the benefits of including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) (and its many derivatives) in implant placement and socket grafting.
This course identifies the key steps necessary for dental practice owners/managers to incorporate implant placement and PRP in their dental practice, and to do so in a way that generates the maximum profit, with the least amount of stress and time.
Learning Objectives:
. Thorough evaluation of implant placement and armamentarium required for treatment
. Overview of PRP/PRF and its many derivatives, as well as a discussion of its all-natural healing properties
. Discussion of overhead costs and implant/PRP implementation
. Patient selection Dos and Don’t’s for determining the ideal patient
. Multi-point checklist for financial year-end review of dental practice management successLecture Objectives

Douglass Lodmell, J.D. 
(Asset protection attorney)
Topic: Understanding Asset Protection

Course Learning Objective
Learn what tools are available to more effectively shield yourself from the effects of any lawsuit by protecting your personal wealth.

Topics Covered
• History of asset protection in the United States and abroad
• Understanding which assets are/are not exempt under state and federal law
• Identifying and understanding different types of risk
• How to protect real estate and other physical assets
• How to protect securities and other liquid assets
• The difference between domestic and offshore trusts
• Understanding today’s legal asset protection tools:
      o The Limited Liability Company
      o The Family Limited Partnership
      o The Asset Protection Trust

Dr. David Phelps
(Freedom founder)
Topic: Death by a Thousand Cuts - How to maintain Freedom in an Un-Free World
The world today is beset with change as we have never experienced before.  Much of that change is good.  But a great deal of change is causing significant disruption in our society, culture and within our own dental industry.  There are important decisions that must be made in order to preserve the freedoms that we have known and carry them forward for future generations (legacy).  Ignoring the future is tantamount to waving the white flag.  This presentation will help supply you with the means to determine your path with intention and not by default. It will prepare you to avoid the commoditization of your own unique skills and avoid death by a thousand cuts (PPO managed care reimbursements). The end result is that you will be able to create a definitive path to financial-economic independence.

Learning Objectives
. Identify the enemies of Freedom
. Become aware of myths and beliefs that are limiting your independence
. Know where your freedom inflection points exist
. Understand how to use leverage to multiply your unique abilities
. Create a Freedom Blueprint that can be passed on to your children and grandchildren

Dr. Joe Maio
(Entrepreneurial Dentist)
Topic: Murder on the Dental Express: What’s Killing Your Vision?

Course Description
Let’s face it…You’ve exerted your time, your energy and your money-Lots of money-to create the life and business of your dreams. But for most of us, there’s still this feeling of emptiness inside. Why do we continue to work in a practice that isn’t living up to its potential? Why doesn’t our team do what we want them to do? Why don’t we make more money? The real question we should be asking ourselves is not WHY these problems exist, but HOW do we solve them? The answer is simple: Communication.
The ability to clearly articulate your expectations, vision, mission, values, and the impact you want to have on your community, is paramount to your success. In this course, you will hear entertaining stories of failures to communicate, strategies to develop your leadership, and experience hands-on activities to elevate team cooperation. Don’t be a victim to the death of your practice. Come learn simple techniques to get the exceptional results you deserve.
  Learning Objectives              
-Understand the value of effective communication with your team
-Identify simple ways to clearly articulate your expectations
-Tips for developing versatile communication skills to be used in any situation
-Receive proven systems to increase team accountability

Dr. Emily Letran
(High Performance Coach)
Topic: No B.S. Dentistry: How to be An A** Kicker In Your Own Economy
Course Description
This fast paced presentation will inspire and move the audience to ACTION. Attendees will develop CLARITY of values and purpose, learn how to maximize PRODUCTIVITY, and create INFLUENCE in leadership, referral, and marketing.

Learning Objectives
Attendees will be able to:
. Create 90 days plan of action to move towards their next milestone
. Understand leadership ,accountability, and leverage to accelerate practice growth
. Implement one marketing system to increase practice profits

Dr. Travis Campbell
(Practice whisperer)
Topic: Understanding the Dental Insurance Game

Course Description
Simple and practical steps to understanding the Insurance Game and how you can Win. Learn to improve reimbursement and your relationship with patients. Change dealing with insurance from a nightmare to just a mild annoyance.  

Learning Objectives
.Help the dentist and team to better understand insurance in an effort to make your life smoother and more profitable.
.Learn how to play the insurance game to your and the patient’s benefit
.Learn how to avoid the most common insurance issues
.How to get paid consistently on crowns and SRPs
.Learn how to offer upgraded services in-network

Dr. Gregg May
(Dental coach)
Topic: Sell Me This $10,000 Crown in 40 Minutes - The Ethical Way of The Wolf to Get Your Case Acceptance Over 90%.
Course Description
In this course, you will learn the strategies to predictably increase your case acceptance in an ethical way. You and your team will be able to apply these strategies in your practice the next day and boost your production to the next level. 

Learning Objectives
. Learn and understand people’s buying habits
. Learn how to overcome the 4 main objections 
. Learn how to properly utilize technology for case presentation 
. Understand the power of charisma
Bill Walsh
(Venture Capitalist/Business Coach)
Topic: How to Survive and Thrive in Any Economy 
Course Description
 To be updated...

Learning Objectives
 To be updated...

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                                                                                  Who should attend this event…

1. Dentists and team members that want to gain the knowledge and strategies to take their practices to the next level. 
2. Dentists that want to grow their practices, regardless of what the corporations do or don’t do.
3. Dentists that want to be more successful in order to have more freedom and options to spend more time with their family and loved ones. 

                                                                            Who should NOT attend this event…

1. Dentists who are about to retire. 
2. Dentists that don’t plan to own a practice.
3. Dentists that don't want to grow their practice.

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Dental WinWin Summit
Mark your calendar and be ready to learn and grow!

Date: April 30th, 2021 - 8am-5pm
    May 1st, 2021 - 8am-1pm

Location: Sheraton Arlington Hotel
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 Arlington TX 76011  

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