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Location:  Hilton Arlington
                      Arlington, Texas
Date: April 27th, 2019
Time: 8 Am-6:30 Pm
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It is rare to have so many SUCCESSFUL dentists and ELITE dental coaches and consultants to come together and teach at one event- Most dentists usually have to fly all over the country to learn from these experts. If you want to attend this event, then CLAIM YOUR SEATS TODAY before it is sold out. 
Meet Your Speakers 
Dr. Nathan Ho
Topic: How To Attract New Patients Through Online Reputation and Internal Referrals
Lecture Objectives:

- Understand the power of social proof and how it can help your practice
- How to predictably acquire a lot more authentic online reviews than your competitors and dominate your market area. 
- Easy way to create and market patient video testimonials for your practice
- How to get more quality patients to your business through an active referral system and let the price shoppers go to your competitors.
Dr. Michael Abernathy
Topic: The Secret Steps That Transform Good Practices Into Great Ones
Lecture Objectives:

- Understand exactly where you are, before going to the next level of practice
- Embracing change to create a super general dental practice
- Understand the metrics that define success
- The fundamentals of accelerated growth
- Accountability to insure consistent predictable results

Dr. David Phelps
Topic: Freedom Isn't Built on a Retirement Plan
Lecture Objectives:

- Why the average dentist's retirement age has gone from 62 to 68.9 years
- Your Freedom Blueprint - the path to your Freedom point
- Why your financial advisor can't give you the real advice you need
- How your freedom changes everything (and freedom doesn't mean "retirement")
- The Inflection Point of the Freedom Curve and why the majority miss the mark completely
- Capital assets vs. Financial assets - which are best?
- Don't let the tax tail wag the dog (your financial decisions)
- Relationship capital - why it is your most valuable asset

Dr. Robert Pick
Topic: Powerful Management Secrets of the Super Successful Dental Business: New Patients, Growth & Wealth Creation!
Lecture Objectives:

- Powerful Management Secrets to Grow Your Practice
- The use of Retreats to Become a Fortune 500 Dental Practice/Business 
- Development of your Brand – What you and your team do better than anyone else 
- The super important Business SWOT and STEW
- Developing not a Good but a Super Team!
-  Understanding “Why” you do what you do
-  How to obtain more new patients who pay, stay and refer!

Dr. Christopher Phelps
Topic: The Science Behind Implementation
 Lecture Objectives:

You will learn the science of Kolbe and Persuasion and how to apply these concepts to answer all of the challenging questions below.
- Is your team built to grow or to maintain? 
- Do you have trouble getting stuff done? 
- Bringing home new ideas but can’t get the team behind it and get things implemented? 
- Do you have trouble hiring new team members or defining your teams culture? 

Dr. Chad Perry
Topic: Smile Makeover- Start to Finish
Lecture Objectives: 

- Principles of Smile Design and Esthetics for Full Mouth Cases
- How not to get lost in the Vertical Dimension
- The Importance of Provisional Restorations
- Simplifying Bite Registrations 
- The Importance of Cross Mounting 
- Seating Protocols 
- Finalizing the Case

Coach Heidi Mount
Topic: Path to Profit: 6 Steps on Increasing Your Case Acceptance
Lecture Objectives:

- The key to creating value for your patients
- The number 1 thing your team must know about the patient if you want to radically improve treatment case acceptance
- The top 4 questions to ask your patients to avoid sounding sales-y
- The most powerful thing to find out BEFORE offering your financial options
- How to seal the deal and get more YESES

Lisa Mergens
Topic: How to Create Accountable Teams that Support Your Vision: New Concepts in Leadership 
Lecture Objectives:

- Discover success by letting go of outdated models of leadership 
- How to create accountable and productive teams that support
your goals and vision 
- Learn the science behind how the words you choose and actions you
take may be working against you
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Dental WinWin Summit
Location: Hilton Arlington
2401 E Lamar Blvd 
 Arlington TX 76006 I 
Date: April 27th, 2019
Time: 8 am- 6:30 pm
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