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Dental WinWin Summit
Attraction. Growth. Sustainability.
Dentists and Team Members!
Do You Want to ATTRACT More New Patients and GROW Your Business With Less Stress?
Would You Like To Be More Successful and Have More Freedom in Life?
If your answer is, "YES!" then DON'T MISS THIS EVENT! 
Date: April 17th and 18th, 2020
Location:  Sheraton Arlington Hotel
                      Arlington, Texas
12 CE Credits!
Come meet your highly Requested 
This is The Event of The Year With The Best of The Best Experts and Leaders In and Outside of The Dental Industry. 
It is rare to have so many SUCCESSFUL dentists and ELITE dental coaches and consultants to come together and teach at one event. This year we even have the highly requested ASSET PROTECTION lawyer, Douglass Lodmell, to come and teach you how to how to effectively shield yourself from the effects of any lawsuit by protecting your personal wealth. In addition, you will get to meet and learn from Dr. Michael Abernathy (the supper dentist), Dr. Edward Zuckerburg (the father of Facebook founder), Dr. Arun Garg (the king of implants), Dr. David Phelps (the freedom founder), Sandy Pardue (the queen of system creation), Richard Stull (ESPN Radio host) and many more... Most dentists usually have to fly all over the country and pay THOUSANDS of dollars to learn from these experts. 

This summit is all about ATTRACTION, GROWTH, and SUSTAINABILITY- The key to success and freedom!
After attending this summit, you will never think and operate the same- You will have the knowledge to develop CLARITY of values and purpose. You will know how to MAXIMIZE productivity and ACCELERATE your success to achieve your FREEDOM and solidify your family's LEGACY.

This is the event for you if you are a dentist or a business owner. Don't get left behind! 

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Meet Your Speakers 
Douglass Lodmell 
(Asset protection attorney)
Topic: Understanding Asset Protection

Course Learning Objective
Learn what tools are available to more effectively shield yourself from the effects of any lawsuit by protecting your personal wealth.

Topics Covered
• History of asset protection in the United States and abroad
• Understanding which assets are/are not exempt under state and federal law
• Identifying and understanding different types of risk
• How to protect real estate and other physical assets
• How to protect securities and other liquid assets
• The difference between domestic and offshore trusts
• Understanding today’s legal asset protection tools:
      o The Limited Liability Company
      o The Family Limited Partnership
      o The Asset Protection Trust

Dr. Michael Abernathy
(Super dentist)
Topic: The 60 Minute Dental MBA
Course Description
Too many dentists try to decide where they want to go without actually understanding where they are.  This will be a workshop where you the audience bring pre-requested data and explore exactly what  your practice numbers mean, and how they will affect where you would like to go.  We will explore every facet of the Business of Dentistry in fast paced, nothing but meat presentation with very specific instructions for your unique practice.  

Learning Objectives  
By bringing your Growth Analysis Spread Sheet that we supply along with a copy of one weeks schedule and a year to date Profit and Loss statement you will:
.  Know exactly where your practice metrics fit when compared to benchmarks of a Super General Dental Practice.
.  Take the knowledge you learn and immediately be able to affect change in your practice by knowing where you need to go.
.  Have the equivalent of an MBA's understanding of the business of Dentistry.
.  A confidence through competence that only the top 1% of dental practices  have.
.  The power to create the practice you always thought you would have.

Sandy Pardue
(Dental Consultant)
Topic: Reduce STRESS and Boost GROWTH with Sustainable Systems

Course Description
This course will teach steps to help you grow your practice. Attendees will learn key systems that top producing practices use to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. Sandy will teach you how to systemize your practice, so you will know things are getting done. You will learn how to diagnosis undetected system failures that if left unexposed, could be costly to the practice. 

Learning Objectives
. Learn ways to uncover missed opportunities
. Discover systems that will give more control and prediction
. Expose blind spots in the practice 
. Learn ways to reduce stress 

Dr. Edward Zuckerburg
(Facebook expert)
Topic: Social Media Marketing for Dentists 
 Course Description
 In a changing economy, competition among Dentists for patients requires the latest technologies and best mediums for connecting to existing and potential new patients. Social Media is the Dentists’ best tool and with 75% of patients worldwide on Facebook it is imperative to understand this utility. 

Learning Objectives
. Attendees will learn how to effectively use a Facebook page for their business and how to leverage subscribers of their page to attract new customers. 
. Techniques for increasing subscriber base and best methods for engagement of existing subscribers will be presented and Dentists and staff members alike will leave the presentation ready to expand their social media presence into high gear or for those who haven’t yet started, a working knowledge of how to undertake this form of marketing. 
. Specific tasks that attendees will learn include allocation of a budget for an effective Facebook Marketing Campaign and how to target demographics that suit the needs of their particular practice. 

Dr. Arun Garg
(Oral surgeon)
Topic: Incorporating Implant And PRP/PRF into the practice - practically and profitably
Course Description
In the last 10 years implant dentistry has evolved from a relatively rare, costly and specialized procedure, into an increasingly commonplace treatment planning solution. More and more, dentists are coming to realize the advantages of offering implant placement in their home office rather than outsourcing the case. Additionally, general practitioners are also learning the benefits of including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) (and its many derivatives) in implant placement and socket grafting.
This course identifies the key steps necessary for dental practice owners/managers to incorporate implant placement and PRP in their dental practice, and to do so in a way that generates the maximum profit, with the least amount of stress and time.
Learning Objectives:
. Thorough evaluation of implant placement and armamentarium required for treatment
. Overview of PRP/PRF and its many derivatives, as well as a discussion of its all-natural healing properties
. Discussion of overhead costs and implant/PRP implementation
. Patient selection Dos and Don’t’s for determining the ideal patient
. Multi-point checklist for financial year-end review of dental practice management successLecture Objectives

Dr. Emily Letran
(Action taker)
Topic: No B.S. Dentistry: How to be An A** Kicker In Your Own Economy
Course Description
This fast paced presentation will inspire and move the audience to ACTION. Attendees will develop CLARITY of values and purpose, learn how to maximize PRODUCTIVITY, and create INFLUENCE in leadership, referral, and marketing.

Learning Objectives
Attendees will be able to:
. Create 90 days plan of action to move towards their next milestone
. Understand leadership ,accountability, and leverage to accelerate practice growth
. Implement one marketing system to increase practice profits

Richard Stull, PhD (ESPN Radio Host)
(Speech dynamic expert)
Topic: The Greater Vision – Excellence Beyond Personal and Professional Profit and leaving a Legacy

Course Description
The Greater Vision is more than applying technologies and strategies for success.  At its heart, it’s a continuing commitment to improving your human relations skills. Not everyone can “fill up a room” or command all three of the famous Roman orator’s Cicero’s purposes for speech, “to inform, persuade, and entertain.” The primal heartbeat of all human relations is connecting and reflecting first, to your personal story – and then, listening and connecting to others. Who are the people who inspired you the most - and why?  What are your greatest fears? What are your real dreams, and why? Reflecting on and drawing inspiration from your own story is foundational to human relations skills.   You will find ways previously unimagined in seeing your own story in others’, even if you come from entirely different backgrounds.  You will be inspired to reach out more and more; not to only to your patients and your staff, but your family and the greater community.  

  Learning Objectives              
. The Power of Personal Narrative in relating to patients
. Understanding how you become the Author of your own Future
. Connecting your patients, your profession and your own personal value system
. How your own greater vision creates a more vital community 

Dr. David Phelps
(Freedom founder)
Topic: Death by a Thousand Cuts - How to maintain Freedom in an Un-Free World
The world today is beset with change as we have never experienced before.  Much of that change is good.  But a great deal of change is causing significant disruption in our society, culture and within our own dental industry.  There are important decisions that must be made in order to preserve the freedoms that we have known and carry them forward for future generations (legacy).  Ignoring the future is tantamount to waving the white flag.  This presentation will help supply you with the means to determine your path with intention and not by default. It will prepare you to avoid the commoditization of your own unique skills and avoid death by a thousand cuts (PPO managed care reimbursements). The end result is that you will be able to create a definitive path to financial-economic independence.

Learning Objectives
Identify the enemies of Freedom
Become aware of myths and beliefs that are limiting your independence
Know where your freedom inflection points exist
Understand how to use leverage to multiply your unique abilities
Create a Freedom Blueprint that can be passed on to your children and grandchildren

Trish Jorgensen
(Solutions coach)
Topic: Creating a Culture of Effective Communication to Take Your Business To The Next Level. 
Course Description
This course will teach key components in communication that may be missing from your practice to take your business to that next level. Trish will teach you how to communicate to patients and our team members in front of the patients to increase your productivity. You will learn that your words may be sabotaging your efforts without even knowing it.

Learning Objectives
How to truly convert the caller to an appointment that is real and dependable
Barriers we create that cost you thousands of dollars
What not to say, sabotaging the diagnosed treatment with our own words

Dr. Travis Campbell
(Practice whisperer)
Topic: Understanding the Dental Insurance Game

Course Description
Simple and practical steps to understanding the Insurance Game and how you can Win. Learn to improve reimbursement and your relationship with patients. Change dealing with insurance from a nightmare to just a mild annoyance.  

Learning Objectives
Help the dentist and team to better understand insurance in an effort to make your life smoother and more profitable.
Learn how to play the insurance game to your and the patient’s benefit
Learn how to avoid the most common insurance issues
How to get paid consistently on crowns and SRPs
Learn how to offer upgraded services in-network

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Dental WinWin Summit

Date: April 17th, 2020 - 8am-5pm
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Location: Sheraton Arlington Hotel
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 Arlington TX 76011  

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